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Jennifer Munro is a dynamic storyteller whose wicked sense of humor permeates every story she tells!


 What People Are Saying About Her

Jennie tells her own personal stories. They are masterfully crafted, her characters clearly drawn, and her narrative peppered with humor. In fact, she is a master of humor (the unexpected). Beginning with serious subject matter, she slowly draws her audience along . . . until they are rolling in the aisle with laughter.
Peg O'Sullivan, Connecticut Storytelling Festival 


It [story for keynote address] was so funny, so incredibly well-delivered, and entirely unexpected. Year after year, whether here in Madison or in New Haven where I have previously taught, we have to endure “inspirational” speeches that do not inspire.  We have to hear about statistics, objectives, goals, standards, life-long learners, global economies, assessment pieces, etc, etc.   We heard none of that with the tale of Miss Turner.  Thanks so much for making the “welcome back” day bearable, even enjoyable.
  John Hansen, Teacher

It isn’t often that I laugh and cry during the same story, but Jennifer’s tales take me on that emotional roller coaster. She carefully crafts her pieces so that her English childhood is fully realized.  A good storyteller should move you emotionally and be able to transport you to another time and place.  Jennifer’s stories do just that. 
   Syd Lieberman, Storyteller

I sat back in my seat mesmerized by your every word.  The only disappointment for me was when you finished.   You captivated every person in that room.  You took me back to England with you and I feel like I know Ms.Turner and could certainly identify her by her bosom.  I was laughing so hard I was crying.  

  Keri Melino, Paraprofessional


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