An awarding winning storyteller, Jennifer's  wicked sense of humour permeates every story she tells. Her extensive repertoire includes witty, often poignant original stories that explore the triumphs and foibles of the human condition.  

Syd Lieberman said of her work: "It isn't often that I laugh and cry during the same story, but Jennifer's tales take on that emotional roller coaster. She carefully crafts her pieces so that her English childhood is fully realized.  A good storyteller should move you emotionally and be able to transport you to another time and place.  Jennifer's stories do just that."

Susan O’Halloran said: "Jennifer Munro’s stories take me to places outside my own experience yet I never feel lost. Instead, I feel like I’ve been given an adventure vacation with the most caring (entertaining and intelligent) of tour guides."

Anne Shimojima said: "Each time I hear Jennifer perform, I marvel at the precision of her words and delivery. Her stories are beautifully crafted and delivered with such warmth and generosity that I know instantly that I am in the hands of a master."  

Jennifer's repertoire also includes original fairy tales for adults, traditional folk and fairy tales, myths, and legends.


Upcoming Events & Appearances

March 10th

Hear Jennifer at Outloud!, at:

The Storyteller's Cottage, Simsbury, Connecticut

March 23rd to 25th

Meet up with Jennifer, at:

2018 Sharing the Fire Northeast Storytelling Conference

Hotel 1620, Plymouth, Massachusetts

April 14th

See Jennifer perform with Low Lily, teaming up for a completely new musical/story-telling event, at:


North Madison Congregational Church, Madison, Connecticut

April 27th to 29th

Attend Jennifer's workshop, at:

Northlands Storytelling Network's Confabulation! 2018

The Pyle Center, Madison, Wisconsin

May 22nd to 26th

Join Jennifer as Teller-in-Residence, at:

The International Storytelling Center

Jonesborough, Tennessee



Winner of Storytelling World Award

Book JacketJennifer's first collection -  Aunty Lily and Other Delightfully Perverse Stories - contains moving tales of family, loss, love, and the trials of growing up in a scrappy working class neighborhood where kids play in the streets, fair play rules most of the time, and bullies are occasionally vanquished. 

Available now from Amazon.com

See Reviews in Amazon:

      Delightful book of stories!

            A heartfelt romp, life lived with gusto 

                  Top notch storytelling from the stage onto the page!

                       Absolutely lovely. Hilarious and thoughtful short stories!

                               To Be Savoured

                                     A Must Read!

                                         Great book!


Reviewed by Jo Radner in Storytelling Magazine:

"These beautifully-crafted stories manage to be at the same time literary and fluid and oral.  How brilliant the little darts and jabs of phrase, the children's wild glee, the family portraits of (as she puts it) “rogues, gossipers, and raconteurs”! These performance pieces are based on memoir, but as Munro wisely comments, “weaving the events together so that they form a satisfying narrative arc has been largely a matter of fabrication” – an insight she expands upon in an illuminating “Author’s Essay.”  No stories better demonstrate the intimate relationship between humor and deep feeling.  These are masterpieces."


The Craft and Commerce of Telling Stories:

Ben and Jennifer Munro

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